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Accounts are known to be the basic business relation between a bank and his client. Accounts can be current accounts, savings accounts, package accounts, etc… you should choose the account to open based on the need for this account: you would apply for a current account in case you need a checkbook, in case you do not need too much liquidity and rather earn interest on your funds, you would choose a saving account, and so on. To better compare and choose the most suitable account for you:

  • Specify the purpose of your account
  • Choose in which currency you want your funds to be 
  • Click “Search”

Now you will be able to check the main features and benefits of accounts offered by Lebanese Banks. Click on “More details” to view each account’s specifications and “Apply” to fill the application for FREE. To know more about Accounts offered by Banks in Lebanon, visit our guides.

Current Accounts 

Current accounts can be opened at any bank in Lebanon. While some banks might require a large minimum amount to open a current account for other banks a current account can be opened without an initial deposit. Current accounts at banks have different advantages such as checkbooks, debit cards, online banking etc. 

Packaged Accounts

Packaged accounts are very similar to current accounts but banks package them in a way to fit very specific needs such as youth accounts, wedding accounts, expatriate accounts, bills domiciliation accounts, etc... Packaged accounts are offered almost by all banks in Lebanon with various advantages and benefits such as earning interest, overdraft facility, etc...