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Business loans provide financing for business expenses, varying from short term needs such as working capital financing to long term needs such as purchase of equipment, premises, etc… 

Features and conditions differ by Bank; as such, to better compare and choose the most suitable loan:

  1. Specify your business sector
  2. Enter the amount you would like to borrow
  3. Click “Search”

Now you will be able to check Lebanese Banks’ offers that meet your requirements. Click on “More details” to view each product’s specifications and “Apply” to fill the application for FREE. To know more about Business loans offered by Banks in Lebanon, visit our guides.

Business loans include loans that are specialized for financing certain types of small to medium businesses such farms, clinics, workshops etc. Some banks charge flat interest rates on such loans while other charge regressive rates, so be careful while viewing the details, a high regressive rate can sometimes be better than a low flat rate.