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Car loans are meant to finance all types of cars with loan amounts up to 150,000$ and periods up to 7 years. Features and conditions differ by Bank; as such, to better compare and choose the most suitable loan:

  • Choose your vehicle’s type
  • Enter the car price
  • Enter the down payment 
  • Click “Search”

Now you will be able to check Lebanese Banks’ offers that meet your requirements.

Click on “Calculate” to compute the monthly payment based on your vehicle price, down payment, loan duration and the interest rate applicable at the chosen bank. 

Click on “More details” to view each product’s specifications and “Apply” to fill the application for FREE.

To know more about Car loans offered by Banks in Lebanon, visit our guides.

Car loans are usually available to buy new or used cars as well as other types of vehicles such as motorcycles, taxis and trucks. The majority of banks in Lebanon offer car loans only in US dollars and require that you pay a down payment calculated as a percentage of the car price. Usually required down payments and interest rates depend on the car age. Car loans in Lebanon are usually paid over 5 years with some reaching 7 years and are subject to flat interest rates.