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Personal Loans are known as all-purpose loans, as the borrower gets the loans proceeds in his account, instead of having them issued to the order of someone else (car or house Dealer, etc…). This makes the personal loan approval more difficult and requesting more guarantees and documents. Features and conditions differ by Bank; as such, to better compare and choose the most suitable loan:

  1. Choose the purpose of your loan
  2. Enter the needed loan amount
  3. Then Click “Search”

Now you will be able to check Lebanese Banks’ offers that meet your requirements. Click on “Calculate” to compute the monthly income based on your requested loan amount.  Click on “More details” to view each product’s specifications and “Apply” to fill the application for FREE. To know more about Personal loans offered by Banks in Lebanon, visit our guides.

Banks in Lebanon give personal loans both in Lebanese Pounds and US dollars. Some banks charge flat interest rates on personal loans while other charge regressive rates, so be careful while viewing the details, a high regressive rate can sometimes be better than a low flat rate. Personal loans are usually repaid over periods going from 1 year to 6 years. To give a personal loan most banks require you to transfer you monthly salary to an account at one of their branches.