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Prepaid Cards are the best alternative to holding cash. Most of cards offered by Lebanese Banks are accepted locally and internationally, through ATMs and POS purchases.

Mostly, and for security reasons, prepaid cards have predefined limits. To be able to choose the most suitable card for you: 

  • Choose the currency of your card 
  • Specify your card’s limit
  • Click “Search”

Now you will be able to check the main features and benefits of prepaid cards offered by Lebanese Banks. Click on “More details” to view each card’s specifications and “Apply” to fill the application for FREE. To know more about prepaid Cards offered by Banks in Lebanon, visit our guides.

Prepaid cards are available at most banks in Lebanon either US dollars, Lebanese Pounds or Euro but the majority are in US dollars. Some of these cards can be personalized, offered as gift cards or specially made for travel to limit the amount at risk in case they are lost. Some cards are reloadable while others are not. Some of these cards come with additional benefits and features such as SMS alert, insurance etc.